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Why Twitter’s rebrand to X feels ‘shocking’ to users

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On the whole, Sause states it’s difficult to construct the brand name prestige Twitter has– it’s also come to be a verb alike parlance. Regardless of the business’s harsh spot, “its brand is still a powerful asset”, however she thinks they have actually deteriorated it with the name modification.

‘The opposition to change tends to dissipate’

For all the psychological reactions to the abrupt modifications, nonetheless, some specialists state Twitter’s rough shift to X might not be a long-lasting problem– at the very least from a company viewpoint.

“Most backlashes are just temporary, and over time, the opposition to change tends to dissipate,” states Kuram Zaman, creator and also chief executive officer of 5th People, an electronic method and also branding company based in Washington, DC. “We saw this with Airbnb, whose logo redesign users mocked, or with Kia, whose logo caused redesign confusion. There’s a lot of discussion in the beginning of such changes – which might not necessarily be a bad thing – but customers eventually move on. The upside is that brand changes may be necessary, and the negative responses will subside over time.”

Baeza concurs. “I don’t have any evidence of consumers’ buying behaviours changing to the negative just because of a name change,” he states. “So, maybe this all becomes earned media, with no real detriment, to kick off the reinvention of the brand formerly known as Twitter. Maybe this will be just the reinvention that it needs to get past the growth stagnation of recent years.”

Undoubtedly, while competing technology business Meta’s rebrand attracted preliminary objection, the business’s earnings struck Wall surface Road targets in the 2nd quarter of 2023, and also Meta is anticipating even more development.

Sause and also Ciancio both concur there might be a collective method behind Musk’s action, indicating the timing of the news. It came not long after Meta introduced its brand-new social system, Strings, which at the time controlled the media cycle as the ‘Twitter killer’.

“Maybe it’s part of the media strategy and he might change the logo back again tomorrow,” states Ciancio, “but even if there’s no plan, he is definitely shifting the conversation.”


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