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What weight should the Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. 2 be at? Light middleweight or something else?

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The dirt might only simply be picking the undeniable welterweight clash in between Errol Spence Jr. and also Terence Crawford, yet currently focus is transforming in the direction of a possible rematch.

Saturday evening saw both fulfill in a battle years planned, yet what took place was an efficiency numerous did not anticipate.

After a wary preliminary, Crawford controlled in his southpaw position and also had the ability to land his power shots effortlessly throughout the competition. ‘Bud’ went onto tear down Spence 3 times throughout the battle, as soon as in rounded 2 and after that two times in rounded 7.

The 3rd knockdown meant the start of completion for Spence that regardless of revealing significant nerve, was battling to safeguard himself versus Crawford and also the umpire ultimately quit the battle in the 9th.

With Crawford currently the recently crowned undeniable welterweight champ, it’s most likely that a rematch provision will certainly be turned on by Spence, yet what weight it will certainly be disputed continues to be up for argument.

Spence has actually made obvious that he has strategies to go up to light middleweight after battling at 147lbs for most of his occupation and also if a rematch was to be made, DAZN Boxing Program host Akin Reyes want to see both guys go up in weight for the 2nd experience.

“At 147, I don’t think that the demand will be there, I don’t think we will get this turnout,” Reyes claimed.

” Allow’s wait and also see what the PPV numbers are followed week, we understand that takes a number of weeks to obtain the precise number, allow’s see.

” Perhaps we struck that million mark, and also possibly if the battle goes to 154 we can re-sell it, re-promote it.

“‘Bud’ is a man of his word, he’s a solid dude, he [Errol Spence Jr.] gave him the opportunity to become undisputed, I’m sure ‘Bud’ will give him the opportunity whether it will be at 154 or 147.”

Barak Bess at the same time made it clear his issues with rematches, yet with this provision being created right into the battle agreement, it will certainly be one he can neglect.

“I always say that I don’t like rematches no matter who wins or loses  unless it’s close,” Barak started.

” I desire that champion to take place and also battle someone else and also seal his tradition. Your tradition has to do with that you dealt with, and also the number of individuals you dealt with.

“But it’s on paper, it’s going to be another $20m night, why not?”

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