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SATC’s Candace Bushnell Dated 2 Men With a 60-Year Age Difference in 1 Week

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It’s not surprising that Candace Bushnell is the motivation behind Sex as well as the City’s Carrie Bradshaw– her real-life charming experiences are equally as amusing.

“You know, I have so many crazy dating adventures. I mean, one week I dated a guy who was 21 and a guy who was 91,” Bushnell, 64, solely informed United States Weekly while advertising her one-woman program, Real Stories of Sex, Success as well as Sex as well as the City “Nobody tells you this is gonna happen. Like, that the age range is going to be 60 years.”

Bushnell’s column in the New York City Viewer was the motivation for the successful SATC compilation publication collection, which was later on become the popular HBO funny that ranged from 1998 to 2004. The program adhered to Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker) in addition to her BFFs Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon), Samantha ( Kim Cattrall) as well as Charlotte ( Kristin Davis) via their dating lives in New york city City.

Bushnell’s “crazy” life as a solitary female in the Large Apple might have functioned as an impact for 6 periods, 2 succeeding films, an innovator as well as a Max offshoot, however the writer never ever had strategies to play the duty of Carrie herself– also when Parker, 58, had not been certain she was appropriate for it either.

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“There was maybe one moment when Sarah Jessica Parker forgot that she made the pilot and, I don’t know, it’s a story. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it,” Bushnell clarified. “So I think there was a moment when they were like, ‘Well, maybe [Candace] could do it.’ And I was like, ‘No. I wouldn’t even know how to do it.’ So I’ve actually always been thrilled that [Sarah is] Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, she’s fabulous.”

As a matter of fact, Bushnell does not believe Carrie– or any one of the various other ladies from the Sex as well as the City franchise business– totally represent her whatsoever.

“I don’t feel like the character is me. I didn’t marry a rich man,” Bushnell shared, apparently describing ex-husband Charles Askegard, whom she separated in 2012. “I didn’t marry Mr. Big. But I’m single again. I’m dating, I have been for a while. And I’m always working and coming up with new ideas. I’m about being your own Mr. Big as I like to say.”

While Carrie did wed Mr. Big ( Chris Noth), his fatality was the driver for limit collection And also Easily, which premiered in 2021. The program’s 2nd period, nevertheless, reveals Carrie coming one-on-one with an additional previous fire: her ex-fiancé, Aidan Shaw ( John Corbett).

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Carrie as well as Aidan dated on as well as off beginning in period 3 of the OG collection. While they called it gives up after she ripped off with Big, the pair revived their love as well as also obtained involved prior to Carrie determined she had not been prepared for marital relationship. Both later on shared a smooch in the 2nd Sex as well as the City motion picture, regardless of both being wed, however inevitably went their different methods. And also Easily, nevertheless, reveals triggers flying in between the pair again.

“It’s another real-life story. I know so many women in their 50s or 60s, even 70s who got back in touch with an ex and it worked,” Bushnell stated of the choice to revive Aidan. “So you never know. It’s a pretty common thing. That’s something that happens in real life. So I think it’s interesting.”

Candace Bushnell Dated a 21-Year-old and 91-Year-Old in the Same Week
Candace Bushnell. Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Bushnell kept in mind that it’s the excitement of an unidentified future that makes dating so enjoyable.

“That’s why I’ll go out with a 21-year-old and a 91-year-old,” she stated. “I’m like, ‘I don’t know, nobody knows.’ I’m divorced, so I don’t have all the answers. [But] that’s kind of [my] attitude toward dating. That you never know.”

Along with appreciating her solitary standing, Bushnell is concentrated on job– including her one-woman program, Real Stories of Sex, Success as well as Sex as well as the City The task was reproduced from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as includes a speedy of impressive individual tales of style, literary works as well as sex– as well as includes lots of tales as well as video games bordering SATC

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“There’s a super fun game called Real or Not Real because everything that happened in the TV show is a little better or worse than my real life,” she informed United States. “Like some of the guys who Carrie dates … I tell the story of how I came to New York and crazy things that happened to me. … And then how I created Sex in the City, how hard I worked to get there, why I invented Carrie Bradshaw and what happened to me afterward.”

Real Stories of Sex, Success as well as Sex as well as the City will certainly happen at Canoe Area in Hampton Bays, New York City, on Thursday, August 17, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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