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Rescuing a dog is rewarding, but comes with challenges

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Snoopy, the writer's adopted bull terrier.

( Paul Karrer)

Saving a pet dog is satisfying, yet includes obstacles

Letters to the Editor

July 31, 2023

To the editor: My heart heads out to the Karrers as well as Snoopy, their rescue pet that struck a pit bull.

Enjoying a pet dog that has also occasional aggressiveness problems resembles coping with an alcoholic. Youre constantly seeking indicators of problem, as well as frequently, those emerge.

The idea that no pet is genetically gotten rid of to aggressiveness is not true. I understand of numerous pet dogs from a non-aggressive type, birthed years besides the very same moms and dads, that have actually put in extremely hostile actions, in spite of caring treatment from birth.

Frequently, individuals outside your house do not comprehend. They see your tranquil pet for a couple of mins or hrs as well as continue to be persuaded your pet isn’t with the ability of aggressiveness.

Dealing with suggested fitness instructors created little progression till I took my pet to a behaviorist. A leisure procedure aided tremendously. My pet as well as I currently have a close to typical connection, yet there are still indicators of aggressiveness. A crammed weapon without safety and security certainly. I understand the sensation.

Ray McKown, Torrance

To the editor: I compliment the author for picking to join canine antiaggression courses as well as for utilizing various practical safety measures to do all he can to make certain that no future disputes in between his pet, Snoopy, as well as one more pet will certainly take place.

While it might hold true that some rescue dogs located at our city sanctuaries may include problems, every one of mine, while a little bit reluctant in the beginning, verified to be issue-free as well as companionable for the level of their lengthy lives. Each has its very own private personality as well as specific individuality as do people!

That some rescue pet dogs confirm to be troublesome is a fact which is substantiated in troubling information in some painful records. It is easy to understand that insurance coverage service providers do pass by to expand their solutions to numerous types provided the background of several of these even more unpleasant, also deadly events.

Canines that are sourced from careless dog breeders or puppy mills are perhaps think, so one is constantly important to examine the background of a pet you bring right into your residence, as long as you can.

Allow us wish that this can be a suggestion to all visitors of the severity as well as obligation of being an excellent guardian to a saved pet, which all will certainly remain to be well with the author as well as Snoopy!

Elaine Livesey-Fassel, Los Angeles


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