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Magnitude 3.6 earthquake strikes near Izmir, İzmir, Turkey

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3.6 quake 1 Aug 6:36 pm (GMT +3)

A size 3.6 quake near Izmir, İzmir, Turkey, was reported just 14 mins earlier by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), taken into consideration the primary nationwide firm that keeps an eye on seismic task in this component of the globe. The quake took place at a superficial deepness of 13.2 kilometres under the center very early night on Tuesday, August 1st, 2023, at 6:36 pm neighborhood time. The precise size, center, as well as deepness of the quake could be modified within the following couple of hrs or mins as seismologists assess information as well as improve their computations, or as various other firms release their record.
Our surveillance solution determined a 2nd record from Turkey’s Calamity as well as Emergency situation Administration Authority (AFAD) which detailed the quake at size 3.9. Various other firms reporting the very same quake consist of the Kandilli Oservatory as well as Quake Study Institute in Istanbul (KOERI-RETMC) at size 3.9, as well as the citizen-seismograph network of RaspberryShake at size 4.0.
Based upon the initial seismic information, the quake must not have actually triggered any type of considerable damages, yet was possibly really felt by lots of people as light resonance in the location of the center.
Weak drinking could have been really felt in Karabağlar (pop. 458,000) situated 6 kilometres from the center, Izmir (pop. 2,500,600) 10 kilometres away, as well as Menderes (pop. 22,000) 11 kilometres away.
Various other communities or cities near the center where the quake could have been really felt as really weak drinking consist of Kemalpaşa (pop. 30,400) situated 22 kilometres from the center, Torbalı (pop. 50,300) 25 kilometres away, Menemen (pop. 53,500) 32 kilometres away, Seferihisar (pop. 19,600) 34 kilometres away, Urla (pop. 45,200) 37 kilometres away, as well as Turgutlu (pop. 103,300) 48 kilometres away.

Quake information:
Day & time: Aug 1, 2023 6:36 pm (GMT +3) neighborhood time ( 1 Aug 2023 15:36 GMT)
Size: 3.6
Deepness: 13.2 kilometres
Center latitude/ longitude: 38.34 ° N/ 27.19 ° E ( İzmir, Turkey)
Key information resource: NOA

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