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How Colombian ganglands where Luis Diaz’s parents were snatched went from paradise to cartel state plagued by abductions

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ON the messy roads of Barrancas, a kid experiences past a repainted mural of Liverpool ace Luis Diaz that reviews “Barrancan Pride”.

The road art stands for an uncommon sign of hope in Colombia’s north desert area of La Guajira, which has actually been abused by a wave of ominous kidnappings as ruthless cartel hooligans fight for control.


Luis Diaz originates from the community of Barrancas, in Colombia’s north state of La Guajira[/caption]


The National Freedom Military (ELN) is just one of the primary cartels that puts in control in the area[/caption]

On Saturday, the shock kidnapping of Diaz’s moms and dads stimulated a global manhunt after they were brazenly nabbed by shooters.

The 26-year-old’s mum and daddy had actually quit at a petroleum terminal in Barrancas, their home town, when they were assailed.

Diaz’s mum, Cilenis Marulanda, was saved the very same day, yet her other half is yet to be discovered, with Colombian authorities supplying a benefit of approximately ₤ 40,000 for info.

The sickening occurrence has actually radiated a light on the criminal activity wave grasping La Guajira, whose picturesque, sun-kissed coastlines have actually been become a harmful portal for medications and trafficking.

Warring cartels run an essentially criminal state via gut-wrenching physical violence and deformed Taliban-like regulations, which maintain stringent time limits and penalties for ‘anti-social’ people.

Elizabeth Dickinson, a professional on Colombia’s ordered criminal activity scene, informs The Sunlight: “La Guajira is living a silent nightmare.”

The elderly expert at International Dilemma Team, that is based in the nation’s resources, Bogota, includes: “It’s an area where anxiety is utilized as the primary tool of control.

“Armed criminal groups have carried out violent crimes – and left the evidence in plain view – to send a clear signal to the population about the price of non-compliance with their control.”


La Guajira flaunts magnificent coastlines yet has actually ended up being an essentially criminal cartel state[/caption]


Regarding 3.5 lots of fluid drug were taken at a Colombian port in 2022[/caption]


Colombia’s National Authorities supplying a benefit of 200 million Colombian pesos for Luis Manuel Diaz Jimenez[/caption]

The southwest town of Barrancas surrounds the Venezuelan forest and is the native home of Diaz, that relocated to Liverpool in 2014 for a first cost of ₤ 37million.

Resting at the pointer of Colombia with unlimited accessibility to the Atlantic shoreline, the robbed location is a contraband place.

The rewarding trafficking passage see lots of medications, arms, contraband and individuals leave its coasts unlawfully each year.

La Guajira– the surrounding ‘department’, or area– is deeply underdeveloped, with blood-stained cartel managers exploiting its poverty-stricken residents.

Dickinson states: “The division constantly experiences the greatest prices of lack of nutrition in the nation, and numerous locations do not have standard solutions such as safe and clean water and health care accessibility.

“This has rendered the area more vulnerable to armed and criminal groups who prey upon the desperation of the population to entrench their control.”

Cartel clash


Participants of the ELN guerrilla team are accompanied by polices prior to extradition to the United States[/caption]


The Colombian drug profession is apparently worth greater than ₤ 8billion[/caption]

Colombia continues to be the globe’s greatest manufacturer of drug, with greater than 1,400 statistics lots produced yearly.

The worldwide profession is approximated to be worth greater than ₤ 8billion– creating bloodied competitions as gangs try to take utmost control.

It has actually been reported that for every single gram of coke grunted in Britain, somebody in Colombia will certainly pass away. According to Statista, there were 26 murders per 100,000 citizens in 2014.

In 2012, Colombia had among the greatest murder prices on the planet– resting at 15,733. That was greater than the United States, which had 14,827 in the very same year, regardless of its populace being 7 times larger.

In La Guajira, there are 2 primary teams behind the current wave of destruction.

The latest cartel operating in the location is the Gaitanista Protection Forces of Colombia (AGC), which is a a branch of the well-known Clan del Golfo.

Clan del Golfo was till just recently run by Dairo Antonio Usuga David, likewise called Otoniel– taken into consideration among the globe’s most harmful guys.

It presumably has around 4,000 participants spread out throughout 12 of Colombia’s 32 areas. The boxers have actually been charged of killing polices, sexually abusing kids and hiring minors as foot-soldiers.

A current docudrama likewise disclosed exactly how Otoniel’s guys cut off the arm or legs and heads of innocent citizens presumed of sustaining competing organisations.

Citizen Viviana informed the movie: “They took my father. They killed them with chainsaws. A man had his head cut off, they say they played soccer with it.”

Their primary opponents are stated to be the Luciano Ariza and 6 de Diciembre fronts of the National Freedom Military, likewise called the ELN.

The ELN is a reciprocal guerrilla motion, which greatly manages the Venezuelan and Colombian boundary. It has around 2,000 boxers and is taken into consideration a terrorist organisation by the United States and European Union.

Creating in 1964, the revolt team is a lot more organized and performs armed forces design attacks, murders, extortion procedures and captive returns.

Their leaders generally target the federal government yet have actually been recognized to eliminate backwoods– making use of a mix of tiny arms, gatling gun, mines and IEDS.

In 2019, the ELN infamously eliminated 21 authorities cadets with a vehicle bomb outside a terminal in Bogota.

Extortion, legislations & time limits


Dairo Antonio Usuga David, previous leader of the Clan del Golfo, was recorded in 2021[/caption]

Clan del Golfo make millions off their prohibited endeavors consisting of extortion and medications

However as these teams clash in the north, innocent citizens are obtaining captured in the cross-fire.

Dickinson states: “The AGC are making a press right into La Guajira, which has actually previously been controlled by the ELN– especially along the boundary.

” They are looking for to combine its passage for trafficking along the Atlantic shore, in addition to to take part in rewarding extortion and defense noises.

” Significantly, the teams utilize social control as a way to control area.

” Extortion is one instance; everybody from a little business person to a huge landowner will certainly be asked to pay a cost to the team.

” Various other instances consist of time limits, establishing regulations on business, and punishing presumably socially deviant practices.

“Then there are the violent punishments for those who fail to comply with these and other rules.”

Kidnapping events rise


A bus charred to ashes by participants of the Clan del Golfo medication cartel in north Colombia[/caption]

Foot-soldiers of the Clan Del Golfo preparing prior to an assault[/caption]


A bird’s-eye view of the Perija range of mountains[/caption]

Neither cartel has actually asserted obligation for the prominent kidnapping instance of Diaz’s moms and dads, which has actually been condemned by Colombia Head of state Gustavo Petro.

Yet with Diaz making approximately ₤ 3million a year, specialists think the riches consequently accumulated by his household can make them a target for ransom money repayments.

Dickinson stated it should not come as a shock.

She included: “By the time the Colombian state authorized a peace treaty with the previous FARC rebels, kidnapping almost vanished.

” However over the last few years that trend has actually turned around.

” In 2022 and 2023, we have actually seen the highest degree in almost a years.

“This is a crime that carries enormous political weight in Colombia, because of its deep relationship with decades of conflict.”

South America has a grim record of elite professional athletes being targetted.

The initial well-known instance remained in 1994, when the daddy of Brazilian celebrity Romario was abducted.

At the time, Romario was taken into consideration the very best gamer on the planet. He utilized his fame to interest the general public and ultimately his daddy was launched.

Nearly a years later on, Argentine bros Diego and Gabriel Milito needed to handle the kidnapping of their daddy in 2002.

The gamers needed to hand over money to pay the ransom money for his launch.

And in 2004, Manchester City demonstrator Robinho’s mom was likewise taken.

In action to the current scary, the Colombia football federation provided a declaration to the captors.

It reviewed: “We ask the captors of Luis Manuel Diaz, daddy of Luis F. Diaz, to launch him right away, without problems.

“Football is peace. Luis, we are with you. Colombia is with you.”

Luis Manuel Diaz Jimenez, imagined, and his better half Clienis Marulanada were abducted on Saturday

Liverpool FC midfielder Luis Diaz is a regional hero in the area[/caption]


Colombian forest task forces have actually been released in the Perija range of mountains[/caption]


Soldiers safeguard a vehicle that was assailed by Clan del Golfo hooligans in 2014[/caption]


Heaps of money confiscated in Italy, thought to be linked to the Colombian drug profession[/caption]

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