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Good Omens: will there be a season 3 of the hit David Tennant and Michael Sheen show?

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Although Promises was just launched on Friday, followers are currently determined for a period 3, especially many thanks to the period 2 ending’s significant cliffhanger in between Crowley as well as Aziraphale. So, will we be seeing even more of the widely preferred dream collection? Right here’s what we understand thus far …

Complying with the ravaging verdict to period 3, the program’s manufacturer Sarah-Kate Fenelon exposed that period 3 is significantly on the cards. She informed the Radio Times: “I believe individuals will certainly be really miserable if that’s where it quits, I will certainly state. They’ll be sad. If you check out the tales, they’re obtaining what they desire however it’s not what we desire. However the primary framework of period 2 is the secret of Gabriel, as well as the secret reaches a final thought. However indeed, I will certainly state Neil has actually created as great a cliffhanger as I have actually ever before seen in tv.”

SEE: Promises is back for period 2

The program’s developer, Neil Gaiman, likewise talked with followers on Tumblr concerning a prospective 3rd period, creating: “It won’t be confirmed unless enough people watch Season 2 to make Amazon happy. And it’s strike season, which makes everything harder.

“But obviously Season 3 is all planned and plotted and, if I get to make it, will take the story and the people in it we care about to a satisfying end. If I wasn’t on strike I’d be writing it currently. Our set is still standing in a studio in Bathgate and we would all love to get back there and finish the story in the way Terry and I plotted, long ago.”

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Is period 3 occurring?

Michael Shine likewise mentioned a prospective 3rd period to, with Michael claiming: “If it was up to us, that would be one thing, but… I mean, hopefully, let’s just hope that enough people watch Season 2 to make it ineffable… inevitable.”

In Spite Of this, Prime Video clip has yet to formally restore the program for a 3rd period – so view this room!

Michael opened concerning a prospective 3rd period

Followers have been liking the brand-new period, with one writing: “Kinda expected some stuff to happen and they did happen but I’m still shooketh. Jeez. What a roller coaster. I loved it,” while an additional individual tweeted: “Just finished – I absolutely loved #GoodOmens2 – significantly more than I did #GoodOmens to be honest. A real relief to have TV understand why people love characters without tanking it, or being anything less than sincere. Will rewatch, and ‘have on’ aplenty, I suspect.”

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Have you seen period 2 yet?

A 3rd individual created: “Stream #GoodOmens if you haven’t seen it yet: a funny, smart fantasy masterpiece with excellent writing and cast including beloved duo David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Finally #GoodOmensS2 is out LOVED it but oh these two have more story to tell! @primevideo we need our season 3!”

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