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For Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, the cruelty is the point

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Gov. Greg Abbott Texas lifts mask mandate_LA_thmb

Gov. Greg Abbott claims Texas is raising its mask required, making it the biggest state to finish an order meant to avoid the spread of the coronavirus that has actually eliminated greater than 43,000 Texans.
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For Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, the ruthlessness is the factor

Letters to the Editor

July 29, 2023

To the editor: The Division of Justice submitted a suit over the prohibited buoys as well as razor-wire fence in Texas on the Rio Grande? A claim? Truly? This must not be taken care of by lawsuits from DOJ, however by Personalizeds as well as Boundary Defense, Homeland Protection or the armed force.

Biden ought to act strongly. The Constitution (Write-up I, Area 8, Provisions 4 as well as 15) plainly gives single power over migration, boundary control as well as to ward off intrusions as traditionalists define undocumented access to the federal government. The state of Texas has no territory in such issues unless welcomed by the federal government, which has actually not taken place.

Biden ought to simply send out in Boundary Patrol or the armed forces as well as get rid of the prohibited obstacles. Simply do it! They have the authority. If Gov. Greg Abbott can create some type of unusual constitutional reason for his prohibited plan, allowed him be the one to submit claims after the prohibited as well as savage security threats are eliminated.

Douglas Dunn, Escondido

To the editor: I locate it incongruent to find out Catholic traditional Gov. Greg Abbott is doing Satans job along the Rio Grande River. When bought by the Justice Division to quit the carnage his buoy obstacles functioned, he reacts coldly, uncaringly as well as arrogantly, Texas will certainly see you in court, Mr. Head of state!

Gov. Abbott, just how would certainly Pope Francis reply to you sinking as well as threatening the lives of hundreds of hopeless, powerless immigrants?

Evidently, Abbott thinks racking up political factors with life-endangering, despicable, sickening feats that produce even more torment is more vital than conserving lives, aiding the powerless, as well as taking care of the hopeless as well as downtrodden amongst us.

Is ruthlessness, inhumanity, meanness, intolerance, bigotry, bias as well as bigotry, currently the Texas state slogan? Does Abbott represent what is ideal regarding Texas?

Gov. Abbott, you remain to slam, condemn, as well as pity Head of state Biden in journalism as well as consistently stay clear of any type of partnership called for to locate gentle options to the boundary dilemmas.

I urge Democrats in Texas: Conserve your state. Recover resistance, approval, self-respect, honesty as well as concern. Arrange to enact frustrating numbers as well as quit your guv.

Nelson Sagisi, Santa Maria

To the editor: It is looking an increasing number of like Los Angeles must have its very own Sculpture of Freedom with words “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” etched on it. While Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remains to cruelly as well as mindlessly bus immigrants to Los Angeles in an initiative to attract his anti-immigrant Republican base, the


ity of Los Angeles remains to enthusiastically approve as well as invite immigrant family members in the spirit of real American nationalism. They’re most likely to be far better dealt with as well as better below in Los Angeles than in anti-immigrant, Republican-controlled Texas anyhow.

James Mundy III, Inglewood


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