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Finding low-cost energy solutions without damaging the economy

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FILE- A pump jack is silhouetted against the setting sun in Oklahoma City on March 22, 2012. Minority neighborhoods where residents were long denied home loans have twice as many oil and gas wells as mostly white neighborhoods, according to a new study that suggests ongoing health risks in vulnerable communities are at least partly tied to historical structural racism. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

( Take Legal Action Against Ogrocki/ Associated Press)

Searching for low-priced power services without harming the economic situation

Letters to the Editor

July 29, 2023

To the editor: Previous Obama expert David Axelrod tweeted: Among things that galls Americans concerning our national politics is the impulse of political leaders to weaponize issues for political revenue rather than resolving them.

Regretfully, this Content Board, frequently weaponizes power facts while demonizing our sector. Power facts are difficult. Theyre not cost-free.

As your very own reporter Gustavo Arellano composed in 2015, outlawing power produces negative plan that just benefits well-off Californians.

Power facts need to be discussed for all people, specifically youths. Everybody accepts the concept of cost-free and also low-priced power services, yet the real prices of a hurried change will certainly ravage those very same youths financial future.

Restrictions for conserving the Planet usually drop on the actual individuals they declare to boost. Arellano claimed it completely. We in oil and also gas welcome your time to demonstrate how we are without a doubt running in great confidence.

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, head of state and also president, Western States Oil Organization, Sacramento


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