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Deuce Vaughn looks like untackleable toddler at Cowboys training camp

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If you have not listened to, Cowboys novice RB Deuce Vaughn is little.

And also not simply little, Deuce Vaughn is little

He’s formally provided by the Cowboys at 5′ 6 and also 176 extra pounds, concerning the exact same dimension as your ordinary NFL podcaster. Yet, Vaughn offsets that absence of dimension with rate and also dexterity that would certainly bring the greatest protectors to their knees.

Vaughn has actually been obtaining representatives at Cowboys training school, and also the dimension distinction in between him and also the various other gamers on the area is … raw, to claim the least.

It appears like a person brought their youngster bent on obtain a couple of representatives with the group.

Deuce Vaughn going through the protection and also no one can touch him since they actually can not see him he simply runs in between their legs. This video clip appears like it’s been accelerated, yet that’s actually simply Deuce running and also every person else looking a lot bigger.

Y’ all understand that meme video clip of Shrek running the canine program?

You understand, this set?

That is the only point that I can think of when viewing video clip of Deuce Vaughn going through the Cowboys protection.

You actually can not eliminate anything else from the video clip beyond that. They’re not putting on pads since training school simply began, and also gamers are going half rate. Yet, Vaughn obtaining representatives can imply good ideas for his breeze matter this period in Dallas.


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