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Cruel Summer’s Shocking Season 2 Finale Introduces Major Season 1 Easter Egg

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Cruel Summer's Shocking Season 2 Finale Introduces Major Season 1 Easter Egg
Sadie Stanley and also Olivia Holt Freeform/Ricardo Hubbs; Freeform

Caution: This tale has looters from the period 2 ending of Cruel Summer season.

Freeform’s Cruel Summer Season utilized their period 2 ending to present a significant Easter egg– which links the tale back to period 1.

Throughout the final thought to the student period, which broadcast on Monday, July 31, Megan ( Sadie Stanley) grabs her secrets which get on top of a publication labelled Out of the Cellar: The Kate Wallis Tale

Kate Wallis ( Olivia Holt) was initially presented in period 1 as the program followed her kidnapping– and also succeeding rescue. Other pupil Jeanette Turner ( Chiara Aurelia) was charged of understanding about Kate’s location however maintaining it a key. In the last scene of the very first period it was disclosed that Jeanette realized that Kate was cooped in their vice principal Martin Harris’ ( Blake Lee) cellar.

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Visitors remained in for an also larger overhaul when Freeform validated that Cruel Summer Season would certainly proceed as a compilation collection in period 2. The hit collection returned with brand-new episodes in June, which concentrated on a turbulent relationship in between Megan and also Isabella ( Lexi Underbrush). Their love triangular with Luke Chambers ( Lion Gluck)– along with his ultimate fatality– have actually gone to the facility of the enigma.

Prior to the best of period 2, exec manufacturer Michelle Purple teased that the personalities were all component of the exact same cosmos.

“We took into big consideration [that] people really loved the cast in season 1 and were connected to them,” she informed TVLine in June. “We actually opened up a room and discussed, ‘What does it look like to continue both these girls’ stories or one of these girl’s stories?’”

Purple included:“We’re playing in the same world in the sense of it’s just a few years later. So there’s a tie to season 1, but we’re not going to tell you [what it is]! You guys have to find it!”

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That exact same month, Stanley, 21, and also Underbrush, 19, provided a look at the discussions that occurred in between them and also the period 1 actors.

“It was just incredible being able to have the team from season 1 that definitely understood that formula and that structure of it. Because it is a little bit tricky navigating telling a story while also playing three different versions of your character or having those three different timelines,” Underbrush specifically informed United States Weekly“Being able to have them guide us — it kind of took the pressure off of feeling like we had to do better. Like [we had to] top something or live up to certain standards. When we do interact with [the season 1 cast], they’re all just so incredibly great and they’ve given us so much like support and love.”

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Stanley, for her component, commended Aurelia, 20, and also Holt, 25, for the recommendations they provided after starring in Cruel Summer Season

“Chiara and Olivia have both been so, so supportive and so lovely and reached out to both of us,” Stanley shown to United States “I had met Chiara a couple of times [and] she’s lovely. Olivia came to set one day while we were filming in Vancouver and she’s awesome.”


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