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Cadbury launches new chocolate bar inspired by beloved Aussie bakery treat – and it’s flying off the shelves

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CADBURY has actually released a brand-new delicious chocolate bar motivated by a precious Aussie pastry shop reward, and also it’s flying off the racks.

The Vanilla Passionfruit Dairy Products Milk Bar is the most recent enhancement to Cadbury’s SLICES variety, presently just offered in Australia.


Delicious chocolate enthusiasts are going nuts for the brand-new Cadbury SLICES flavour[/caption]

The brand-new Cadbury Vanilla Passionfruit Dairy Products Milk Bar is offered in Australia

The brand-new flavour follows the delicious chocolate gigantic revealed in April that an entire brand-new variety would certainly sign up with the Milk Milk Crackle, Caramilk Hedgehog and also Cadbury Old Gold Mint Creme on supermarket racks.

The Vanilla Passionfruit SLICES bar is a velvety, yet zesty, spin on routine old delicious chocolate.

An enthusiasm fruit-flavoured jelly at the extremely core is covered with a vanilla lotion, covered with the standard Cadbury dairy products milk delicious chocolate.

It is motivated by the cherished enthusiasm fruit cut you would certainly see in any kind of great Aussie pastry shop, which has a coconut crust and also a velvety layer of enthusiasm fruit, lemon and also sweetened compressed milk.

This brand-new SLICES flavour is currently offered at leading stores throughout Australia for $5.50.

However some delicious chocolate followers are having a hard time to obtain their hands on the wonderful reward.

“I want to try this but I can’t seem to find it in the aisles yet in Brisbane,” one stated.

“I could not for the life of me find it in stock at Coles,” one more responded.

The fortunate ones that procure it, have actually offered combined evaluations.

Emily, that goes under @snackreviews_aus on TikTok, shared her ideas to her fans claiming she could not taste the vanilla as a lot.

“It had a nice passion fruit flavour, but the vanilla kind of got a bit lost,” she stated.

” If this was made with a Caramilk delicious chocolate base, this would certainly have been way much better also.

“But I still recommend to give this block a try.”

TikTok individual Zach additionally shared his ideas, claiming the brand-new Cadbury bar was a lot more like a treat than a fast treat.

He stated: “Can’t really taste the vanilla but you can taste the passion fruit straight out.”

However one more customer, that passes The Douquet, had an entirely various viewpoint claiming the delicious chocolate had the “perfect ratio” of enthusiasm fruit and also vanilla.

“You can smell the passion fruit straight away,” she stated as she opened up the delicious chocolate bar.

” Oh my God, yum. That is outstanding. I have no words.

“This block of chocolate has the perfect passion fruit to vanilla ratio.”


The brand-new flavour brings a velvety, yet zesty, spin on routine old delicious chocolate[/caption]


Some individuals could not taste much vanilla in it as a result of the solid enthusiasm fruit preference[/caption]

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