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Brave Iranian prisoner, 25, risks her life to reveal how women are tortured, humiliated & brutalised at notorious jail

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A courageous Iranian political detainee has actually risked her life to show to the globe the repulsive and typically torturing problems inside the program’s infamous ladies’s jail.

College student Farideh, 25, was locked up for greater than a year at Qarchak– a notorious jail initially constructed to house animals in Varamin, around 40 miles southern of Tehran.

Farideh was locked up at the infamous prison for a year

Qarchak ladies’s jail is called the most awful jail in Iran as a result of its savage clinical and emotional problems[/caption]


The jail was initially made to house pets[/caption]


Numerous ladies were locked up after objecting versus the program in 2015[/caption]

She informed The Sunlight just how she was detained after repainting some graffiti versus the nation’s present program.

Farideh– a participant of the Iranian resistance team MEK– claimed she was rejected a reasonable test, hurt, ruined, questioned and maintained in holding cell prior to being housed in a dirty public cell at Qarchak.

Civils rights teams and Iranian objectors have actually formerly informed The Sunlight that the jail is filled with illness, has bad cleanliness, and is raging with abuse, murder and rape.

Farideh claimed detainees were packed in alongside without any method to relax or rest, and there was overruning sewer and air so bad it was difficult to take a breath.

The 25-year-old, that has actually simply been launched, has actually spoken up as the battle in between Israel and Hamas, extensively thought to be sustained by the Iranian program, intensifies.

“It is very difficult to explain the situation in the mullahs’ prisons. I was in Qarchak prison for over a year,” she informed The Sunlight in a special meeting.

” The key concern in this jail was the overpopulation of the wards, that made it hard to take a breath.

” The hygienic circumstance ran out the inquiry. Gross cells and commodes restricted accessibility to commodes and shower rooms, which was a means of tormenting the detainees.

” The general public wards contained detainees, there had not been sufficient space to rest, and for days, detainees needed to rest following per various other and could not relax to remainder.

“We had to sit during the day, and there wasn’t enough beds.”

For the initial couple of months prior to she was moved to Qarchak Jail, she was maintained in holding cell in among Iran’s Ministry of Knowledge and Safety And Security (MOIS) apprehension centres.

“I was interrogated every few days, asking to confess to my activities with the MEK. I did not. I knew if I agreed, I would face far worse consequences,” she claimed.

” I was defeated often times, and the emotional abuse of not recognizing what would certainly be your destiny and constantly remaining in a state of limbo was the most awful component.

” Yet they fell short to damage me, and this held true with a a great deal of women militants that were apprehended after September 2022 uprising.

” Also when I was moved from singular to the general public ward in Qarchak Jail, they did not enable me to call my friend or family for some time.

“In the public ward, I learned about stories of women who had gone through far worse situations.”


Farideh explained the instance of a female that was attacked and attempted to take her very own life– however the guards “ignored her pleas” and declined to move her to the jail facility.

“There was mental and physical torture, especially for political prisoners, all the time,” she claimed.

” They deal with detainees completely. As I pointed out, there was this detainee that attempted to devote self-destruction, and the guards did not respect her.

” There are no civils rights in Iran, specifically behind bars under the mullahs.

” After in 2015’s objections, many individuals were detained.

” In one instance, a reporter had actually been detained for revealing the safety and security pressures’ terrible therapy of detainees by women IRGC representatives. They put on black chadors, fatigue clothes, and black masks.

“Many of them insulted, humiliated, and brutalised young women and girls, taking them to an undisclosed location.”

Farideh was detained after participating in resistance tasks for the MEK as she splashed graffiti on among the paths in Tehran.

“I was not given a fair trial,” she claimed.

” Also they do not enable my household to be in court They evaluate me with what I state in investigation.

“In one case, another university student arrested during one of the demonstrations in Tehran last year was given a six-year jail sentence and 74 lashes.”

Numerous criminal offenses are occurring behind bars, however no person respects them

Previous detainee Faradeh

Farideh claimed the criminal offenses she and various other detainees were locked up for are “very different” from the totally free globe.

She claimed ladies are imprisoned for “disobeying the regime’s dress code, resisting the morality police‘s rude behaviours, and, in political cases, taking part in any activities that are considered protesting their rule”.

This consists of splashing graffiti, and taking part in calm objections at colleges, she claimed.

“But the biggest crime has always been having a tie to the main opposition, the MEK,” Farideh included.

” Females billed with publicity versus the state or association with the MEK will certainly encounter no grace via the procedure they undergo when detained.

” In Qarchak, a cellmate that had actually been put behind bars in the ladies’s ward of Evin Jail had actually been moved to the IRGC-Intelligence ward 2A on October 5, 2019.

” She had actually been punished to 16 years of jail for her part in a presentation and for connecting with the MEK.

“Her family was only informed of her fate when they visited her in Qarchak.”

Farideh likewise discussed the instance of a famous instructor that was apprehended and left in limbo for months in the Qarchak Jail.


“Security forces arrested her on May 2023, during the teachers‘ protest in Tehran, but until she went on hunger strike, they did not do anything,” she claimed.

” Numerous criminal offenses are occurring behind bars, however no person respects them.

” Many individuals are currently behind bars in difficult scenarios, and this program is tormenting them I desire you to simply think of them and place on your own in their area.

“This fundamentalist regime should be overthrown in order to achieve human rights, peace in the world, and a stop to war.”

The female-led MEK is the biggest resistance team to the Iranian program and has participants both inside Iran and all over the globe.

Farideh discussed why she and numerous various other Iranian young people are proactively taking on the mullahs.


“Despite a severe crackdown on last year’s protesters and the arrest of thousands of Resistance Units, countless individuals, including girls and boys, actively defy the atmosphere of terror,” she claimed.

” In expectancy of one more uprising, the judgment clerics rose implementations and repressive procedures to frighten individuals, specifically the young people and trainees.

“Nevertheless, we stand against them, tearing down their banners, torching regime symbols, and mobilizing protests, as we did in Tehran and other cities on last month’s anniversary of last year’s uprising.”

She claimed advised federal governments in the UK, United States and throughout the West to ditch their present plan of “appeasing” Iran and rather sustain those standing up to the tyranny.

She claimed: “The unsuccessful plan of appeasement has actually caused residential suppression and the spread of terrorism and extremism.

” No federal government needs to abuse its people as the mullahs do. The global area should oppose the mullahs securely, blacklist the IRGC (their major repressive pressure), and sustain individuals of Iran and their resistance.

“Recognising our right to self-defence and resistance is the path to achieving freedom, democracy in Iran, and peace in the region.”


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