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All the Easter Eggs I Found in Good Omens Season 2

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When “Easter eggs” are done right, they can be a lot enjoyable. There were plenty of in the most recent period of Promises, so I assumed I would certainly put together all the ones I saw. Like a scavenger quest for your mind!

Undoubtedly it’s feasible that not every one of these were willful, however that belongs to what makes the quest enjoyable– not all recommendations are aware, and also often they’re also subordinate. Dig in, people!

[Some spoilers for Good Omens 2]


Screenshot: Prime Video Clip

Look, jokes where a nude star has actually different props put purposefully before their nether area to stay clear of a full-frontal score is a characteristic of movie theater stupidity. (See: Austen Powers, et al.) Yet having Jon Hamm go through a road in Soho with just a cardboard box maintaining his discreetness is immediately mosting likely to place people in mind of the notorious Lonely Island SNL spoof “Dick in a Box,” including Justin Timberlake. This is possibly also a little funnier if you were a follower of the Promises publication prior to the collection– in guide it’s recommended that angels do not have genitalia unless they “make an effort,” however Gabriel plainly does as soon as package is gone down, evaluating by public response. Poor Aziraphale. As well as no, we’ll be fielding serious regarding just how it’s Jon Hamm, isn’t he fanciful, Aziraphale must be so fortunate: That’s his previous manager, y’ all. No person is entitled to that.


There’s a factor where Aziraphale is thinking back regarding the occasions in guide of Task, and also when he returns to himself, Gabriel needs to inform him that Crowley left while he was zoned out. This is virtually the same to a scene in the BBC’s Sherlock when Irene Adler needs to notify Sherlock that John Watson left their level while he was deep in idea. (He does that a great deal, you see. I think of Aziraphale does, also, albeit in a kinder method.)

Medical Professional That

There were lots of recommendations in the previous period, however period 2 ups the stake by having Peter Davison– the 5th Medical Professional and also David Tennant’s father-in-law– play the scriptural number Task. (Tennant’s kid Ty likewise looks like his grandpa’s kid, Ennon, making points that far more twisted.) And after that there’s the fly that Beelzebub offers Gabriel, which is “bigger on the inside” like the TARDIS.

Tommy Cooper

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While it’s appealing to think that Crowley putting on a fez in the magic search the edge from Aziraphale’s bookshop is one more Whovian referral– nevertheless, in words of the Eleventh Medical Professional, “fezzes are cool”– this is most likely a referral to the British comic Tommy Cooper, that was understood for putting on a fez while he amused target markets with an act that was half stand-up, half slight-of-hand. Possibly Cooper obtained his trademark fez from this extremely store front; it’s been about enough time.

David Hasselhoff

Aziraphale’s publication from magic tutor Mr. Hoffman is engraved with a kind note and also a trademark analysis “The Hoff.” Yet as most of us understand, the only individual absolutely allowed to call themselves The Hoff is the only David Hasselhoff, of Knight Cyclist and also Baywatch popularity.

No Regerts

When Aziraphale is challenged in a Scottish graveyard by 2 prospective harsh gents, among them is showing off a wide variety of tattoos, consisting of a temple item that reproduces the viral web feeling uncovered in a collection of tattoos with punctuation mistakes– this analysis “NO REGERTS” in vibrant, black ink. It leaves one with numerous concern, principal amongst them: Is this guy the only individual that sporting activities the misspelling in the Promises world? Or is this a purposely referential tattoo, consequently hiding an even more complicated inside than this specific other is eager to postpone in public?

Hot Fuzz

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Misspellings constantly benefiting funny is likewise what leads the (horribly tiny) myriad of satanic forces regulated by Shax to toss a timber slab with Aziraphale’s bookshop home window– requiring that he surrender the “angle” Gabriel to the pressures of Heck. Yet this specific error is an acquainted one, used by a newspaperman understood for typos in Hot Fuzz Sergeant Nicholas Angel obtains razzed by Sanford residents and also colleagues all the time for that a person.

Like Describe That Fit?

This isn’t specifically an Easter egg, however I required to aim it out someplace for my very own peace of mind: Aziraphale triggers a couple of remarkable closet modifications for any person that is not “appropriately” clothed for his Austen-ian sphere in episode 5, however there’s something amusing occurring with Gabriel. Particularly, prior to the event ever before takes place, he’s worn clothing that likely come from Aziraphale himself: They’re done in his typical shades and also designs, nevertheless, and also it would certainly make good sense to begin handing “Jim” anything he had actually stored as soon as it came to be clear that he was mosting likely to be spending time for some time …

… so we’re gon na need to discuss that enchanted powder blue match (and also cosy cape), I believe. Since, opportunities are, these are likewise sourced from Aziraphale’s old/unused clothes. I understand he’s not one for bebop, so it’s not likely that he maintained it in storage space from an Elton John performance. Possibly Aziraphale was subbing in for Liberace? I require to understand.

Suzy Izzard

When the Metatron goes to obtain a coffee at Nina’s store, he asks her if any person ever before requests for fatality— a referral to the name of the facility: Offer Me Coffee or Offer Me Fatality! Yet it likewise places one in mind of Suzy Izzard’s stand-up regular Outfit to Eliminate, where she recommends that the Church of England could provide supplicants the choice of “cake or death” being much much less effective than the Spanish Inquisition.

Reserve Recommendations

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There are a couple of meticulously put callbacks to the Promises resource product in period 2, which are constantly enjoyable to pick …

As Gabriel is shelving publications– alphabetically, by initial word in initial sentence– in Aziraphale’s store, he finds many-a-classic, consisting of Jane Austen’s Satisfaction and also Bias, and also Iain Financial Institutions’ The Crow Roadway Yet he likewise finds a publication with the initial line “It was a nice day.” This is, obviously, the opening of Promises the book. Hamm’s thoughtful, instinctually touched analysis of the line suffices to make any type of follower a little teary.

They weren’t noticeable last period, however in period 2, Crowley’s James Bond bullet-hole-through-the-windows stickers can be simply detected on his precious auto. These are raised instead specifically in guide since Bond’s initial auto in the Fleming books is a 1930 Blower Bentley, just a few years off from Crowley’s 1926 version, which appears to have actually pleased the satanic force an entire lot. Since Crowley is intended to task “cool,” however he’s actually simply a huge geek. He needed to purchase fuel (a point he never ever does) for the Bentley to obtain the stickers and also every little thing.

  • Just How Specifically Do You Articulate Aziraphale?

Screenshot: Prime Video Clip

When the satanic force Furfur edges Aziraphale and also Crowley regarding their cooperation in 1941 after establishing a triad of Nazi zombies on their tail, he celebrates to them both of his success. Or, at the very least, he attempts to: Crowley does not appear to bear in mind the person he combated versus paradise together with, a lot to the servant’s discouragement. He maintains attempting, however, urging that he understands everything about Crowley’s little collaboration with– he actually examines his notes– Azizaraph. Azirapapa. Azirpail.

This is a wink towards the reality that, up until the collection premiered, the enunciation of Aziraphale’s name was among one of the most noticeable concerns followers had for Terry Pratchett and also Neil Gaiman. Seriously, there was authentic discussion around this, conversation of angelic calling conventions etc. There was the recommendation that both writers had actually offered various responses; that there had actually been one enunciation chosen in advance, however that it really did not appear to capture on, and also the writers had actually surrendered. Also within the program there’s a little a disparity, with some personalities articulating it “Azira-fell” versus “Azira-fail” (though that can greatly be an accent problem, which is remarkable all on its own). Viewing Furfur fumble over it numerous times was a great little shoutout to those people that have actually had problem with it for years.

Discworld Recommendations

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There are likewise numerous blazing recommendations to Gaiman’s left coauthor and also bosom friend, Terry Pratchett. As well as they’re all so great …

  • “A Really —ing Terrible Idea”

It’s feasible that this is simply a coincidence of line analysis, however when angel!Crowley keeps in mind that somebody should have the ability to inform God when they’re making the incorrect telephone calls, he places it as “Boss, this is a really —ing terrible idea.” Claiming the ‘ing’ without the distinctive curse affixed prevailed of one Mr. Tulip, fifty percent of the New Company discovered in the The Fact

When Aziraphale excitedly informs Crowley that he’s devoted to resolving this Gabriel enigma and also has actually also discovered an Idea, Crowley informs him knock it off as well as likewise “Don’t pronounce the capital letter.” This was, obviously, a characteristic of Pratchett’s writing, that enjoyed using uppercase on words-of-import for focus and also, obviously, funny impact. Much of Pratchett’s personalities will certainly comment regarding when they can “hear” the uppercase in another person’s sentences, as Crowley is doing right here.

In the recall to 19th century Scotland, Crowley and also Aziraphale satisfy a young bodysnatcher called Elspeth, whose ton of money deviate for the most awful when the angel’s meddling causes the demand for one more body to be nabbed, unintentionally triggering the fatality of her friend. Identified to sign up with stated buddy in the immortality, Elspeth takes narcotic from Mr Dalrymple’s surgical treatment, and also the container births the tag “C.M.O.T. Dibbler & Co Chemists.”

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler is an Ankh-Morpork, emergency room, entrepreneur in the Discworld collection, a purveyor of “fine” foods such a sausage inna bun, meat pies that could consist of meat, and also even worse sausages inna bun. Dibbler never ever fulfilled an endeavor he would not gladly attempt his hand at, and also turns up doing every little thing from flick creating to tabloid journalism. (Vending toxin simply removes the center guy, you could claim.) Throughout guides, Pratchett makes it clear that everyplace has their very own variation of Dibbler, which is why it makes ideal feeling for him to appear right here.

When Crowley chooses to consume Dibbler’s narcotic himself in initiative to conserve Elspeth, it has some unforeseen negative effects, among which causes him reducing, as well as likewise coming to be a little bit fighty and also relatively intoxicated. This makes him significantly look like the Nac Mac Feegle, a race of fae animals that are indicated to be the Discworld variation of Scottish individual (which Crowley is presently acting to be and also David Tennant is), that are all red-haired (check), unbelievably tiny (presently check), and also rapt of alcohol consumption and also combating (and also inspect many thanks to the narcotic). Provided, he immediately ends up being huge after the reality, however the resemblances can not be marked down.

The proprietor of the whorehouse on Aziraphale’s road is one Mrs. Sandwich, which is a Pratchett-ish name if you have actually ever before listened to one. Nevertheless, the citizens of Ankh-Morpork definitely understand to watch out for Mrs. Cake.

Screenshot: Prime Video Clip

While at Aziraphale’s sphere, every person is charmed right into making use of period-appropriate language and also subjects to match the celebration. This causes some complication when Ms. Cheng asks Mrs. Sandwich what her organization is, and also Mrs. Sandwich locates that whenever she attempts to address, the action she offers is “seamstress.” She can not claim anything regarding the whorehouse, so she rather uses a helpful allegory to discuss her job, everything about darning socks and also stitching on switches for lonesome males.

In the city of Ankh-Morpork the Seamstresses Guild takes place to be the guild of sex employees. This causes a reasonable quantity of complication for City Watch Leader Sam Vimes when he at some point fulfills a lady called Sandra, that really is a seamstress within the guild– she end up being handy for the males that obtain (naturally) perplexed regarding the name, and also do, actually, show up to have their t-shirts fixed for a cost.


Those were all the ones I chose of the schedule! Exactly how around you?

Emmet Asher-Perrin actually requires to understand when Aziraphale required that blue match, all right? You can insect them on Twitter and also Bluesky, and also find out more of their job right here and also somewhere else.

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